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Can spring be far behind?

Hi to all our friends, the winter is biting hard, but never fear there is a chink in the armour and while it may bellow and roar it cannot last forever.  It always makes me happy when I see students braving the elements to attend classes because it takes more than snow wind rain and gales to stop us learning we are made of sterner stuff so well done everyone staff and student alike.

We are now into the second month of 2019 and we are working hard here in GABES to make sure everyone has a class ready for spring and summer. Sometimes there may be a delay in getting you a class due to a waiting list but I assure you people are working to clear the lists and get everyone a seat at the table.

First in news NALA student days are coming soon to Limerick and Dublin:  These were very sucessful in the last few years and people said that they enjoyed them and learned alot from them and met interesting people if interested see below.

2019 NALA Student Days. The Nala Student days has been cancelled for the moment, more details to follow.

Don't forget to register on FETCHcourses.ie and see the opportunities that GRETB are offering everyone also check out GRETB on facebook, twitter and instagram for latest news and events.

Classes are up and running, there are still places so if you wish to brush up on your English, Computers or Everyday skills give us a call and if we can help we will or find someone who can.  Talk to you all soon, if you have any questions please ask us all here at GABES are here to help.  Don't forget when you are passing drop in, say hello everyone is welcome.  That's it for now talk soon.

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