ITABE (Intensive Tuition in Adult Basic Education)

We run intensive programmes in adult basic education for students working towards FETAC levels 1,  2 and 3. These programmes take place over 14 weeks and we offer 6 hours of tuition per week.

The main subjects  are reading, writing, listening and speaking, learning to learn, numeracy and basic computers to support reading and writing.

We also offer themed literacy in some ITABE programmes, such as stained glass or quilting. We also teach basic workplace skills such as writing memos, emails, incident reports, taking notes and telephone messages.

This is the ITABE Workskills class working on the iPads.


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Some photos from different ITABE projects from 2010 and 2011

Themed literacy: stained glass

ITABE Themed literacy: printed t shirts

Cafe Link ITABE group 2009 with Melissa Griffith and
Alison Jones

  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • English Language
  • School & Family Liaison
  • Workplace Education
  • Tutor Training