Assessment in GABES

Individual Learning Plan

Here in GABES we use a system of recording students' progress with an Individual Learning Plan booklet. An ILP is started for each student following an initial assessment here in the centre. The assessment is informal and usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

Presenting the ILP at the ALOA Forum: April 19th/ 20th, 2013

Click here to see the video of Kieran presenting at the forum.

Kieran presented an outline of the Individual Learning Plan which is in use in our centre at the recent ALOA forum and you can read the address and view the presentation he gave detailing the purpose and use of the document below. The GABES' booklet encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of assessment and there are sections to record cognitive skills in literacy and numeracy, confidence and soft skills, largely based on the ITABE assessment documents.

Click here to read Kieran's address to accompany his presentation at the ALOA Forum in April 2013

Click here to view Kieran's Powerpoint presentation on the ILP at the ALOA Forum in April 2013

Click here to download a PDF of the Individual Plan Booklet

If you require any additional information on the assessment system in GABES, please contact Kieran or Alison or email us at

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