Tips & Tricks and Useful Links

For first time visitors to GABES, check out this short video:

Learning English Video Book: There are some useful tips in this short book by three of our students who are learning English.  Learning English is hard at the beginning as you will see. I hope you enjoy it!

New Project for Language Learners: this is a useful website for language learners to improve their English with videos and dialogues, click here:

Latest Tip: Check the news subtitles in news for the deaf on RTE1, just before the 6.01 news. The subtitles appear exactly as spoken and stay on the screen for longer and are a great way of improving reading. Thanks to Tony M. for this!

Useful App: Do you have a smartphone? If so, download this app from the store free of charge. It is very useful for spelling as you can speak the word you want to spell into your phone and watch the word appear!

Tip number 1
: How to improve reading skills
Turn the subtitles on when watching your favourite TV programme.

Tip number 2: A very useful website for grammar called Perfect English Grammar. Thanks to Anne for this.

Tip number 3: The Times in Plain English
. Click here for the link. It is an American based publication but is specifically written in plain language has some interesting stories each edition. It is free and you can sign up to get it sent directly to your email.

Tip number 4:
Keep a diary. Writing a short diary entry at the end of the day will improve writing skills bit by bit. Blank diary sheets are available from reception.

Tip number 5: Listen to a favourite song on YouTube with subtitles. Search for your student's favourite songs with the option of subtitles. This is a great way to improve reading fluency.

Tip Number 6Spelling: type the word you want to spell into your phone's text messaging box. Make sure predictive text is turned on and watch the word appear!

Tip Number 7: Search for the lyrics of your favourite songs on Google, then print them off and sing along to them on YouTube. This is helpful both for reading and for learning English!

If you have a tip or a link you want to share, don't hesitate to let us know! Call us on 091 567660 or email us on

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