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Please note that we have moved premises. We are now in Seville (on the second floor) in New Dock Street (that's the first turn on the right as you go up Dock Rd.  The building is in front of David Martin Hairdressers.

We are planning some in-service training sessions for June.

You can email us at or for further information or if you would like to attend.Dates for Spring Term 2015

Summer: We are closed on Tuesday 30th June for the summer holidays and classes will resume on Tuesday 1st September, 2015. One to one evening classes can finish and resume on these dates.

New Page: check out the new webpage Tips for Writing with lots of useful information on it about punctuation and writing.

New e-Books:
check out the iPad Project link for three new books in PDF and video format. These were written by students and tutors. Let us know what you think!

New Tutor Training Course
: we will start a new tutor training course on Monday 9th February, 2015. It will be held  from 7-9pm and will last for 10 weeks. the schedule is on the noticeboard in Mayoralty House or you can email us for information.

Tony Sweeney's Maths Resources: feel free to email for a copy of any of his latest Powerpoint presentations for visual maths. Check also the 'Maths Resources' page on this website.

Assessment in GABES: check out the new link on the left on assessment which details our use of the Individual Learning Plan and also gives links to Kieran's recent address at the Adult Literacy Organisers' Forum which took place in Galway on 19th and 20th April, 2013.

Resource folder for voluntary tutors: there is a new folder on the shared drive entitled 'Resources for Voluntary Tutors'. Some tutors have been sending me some of their own worksheets created for use with their students and I have made these available to everyone by saving them in this folder. Click 'My Computer' and you will see the shared drive there, marked 'S' drive.

Many thanks to those tutors who have sent me their worksheets...these are useful to everyone!

New for 2013: Tips & Tricks for tutors and students. If you have any tips that you would like to share with other tutors, do let me know and I'll post them online. Also, if you have a question that is useful to everyone, I may post the answer online also. Keep an eye on this website for regular updates.

New resources in the centre:
we have some new books and games just in. Ask at reception if you are interested in using any of these with your one to one student.

Use of the iPad
in one to one classes is proving very popular. Do ask if you would like to try using one with your student. Click here to find out more about the iPad project for group classes.

Click here to read Kieran's article on the subject.

New Registration Time for ESOL classes: Please note the new registration time  is now on Friday mornings at 9am sharp.

New iPads: we hope to introduce these to students in the one to one classes if any tutor is interested. Click here for ideas on how to use the iPad in a class. Click here for a short video of the iPad in use.

Easy multiplication video: click here.

New Resources Page
: for further information on some of our literacy resources, click here.

Numeracy: we also have some new numeracy resources which may be useful. Click here for more details.

Six book Challenge
  • In conjunction with Galway City Library, our students are invited to take part in the six book challenge. Titles are taken from the series 'Quick Reads' among others. The library will give a tour to any student and we have library cards in the centre for students to fill in in advance. Click here for more information.

Teacher's Resources: Check out the teacher's books that accompany the Livewire Series. We have a typed list of titles and their corresponding teacher's book on the noticeboard outside Alison's room. The teacher's book contains additional exercises and activities to go with each book.

                              Livewire Series

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