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iPad Project

We are currently using the iPads in several literacy, numeracy and language classes. After a careful selection of apps and using various approaches, we are pleased to say that students are all enjoying using the new technology, which tutors have integrated as part of the regular curriculum.

Current Projects:
We are currently producing some new ebooks that can be found on the iBook app. Our first book is out now and is entitled 'Signs About Town' and features photos of various types of signs that can be seen around Galway City. Students are encouraged to read the sign themselves, and then can check their accuracy by clicking a recording of the sign (see 'Listen to check' below). Following this, there are comprehension exercises to accompany each sign.

'The Irish Boxer:

'Our New Home' written by Paschal Murphy for his ESOL students
'What's the Message' a medley of phone messages to practise listening and comprehension skills, written and recorded by several tutors
'A Funny Story' a true story written by Tony D. about a missing chicken


Feel free to email me on alison.jones@gretb.ie for further information or if you have any questions or comments.


One of the most popular apps is Book Creator where students can write their own stories and then save them to iBooks for other students to read. Tutors are also writing books as text books for use in class and as a means of presenting their students' work. The new audio feature in Book Creator has led to even more dynamic and lively books.

iBooks allows students to read other books dowloaded from the store, and also PDF documents which tutors can upload and use as classroom resources. Below are two examples below of a book and a PDF worksheet. We also have apps containing the Junior Cert English and Junior Cert Maths papers, which can be used in class.

The iPad has been especially useful for teaching spelling, with a variety of apps to choose from, including games such as Scrabble and Hangman and the newest addition: Chicktionary. Phonics, patterns and homophones are all catered for in numerous reading, writing and spelling apps. Our numeracy classes have benefitted from fraction apps, number squares and hands on teaching using the Penultimate app as a workbook.

The overall outcome has been extrememly positive. Students are eager to explore the new technology and find the iPad easy and attractive to use. It is an intimate learning tool and the increased confidence among students has been marked. It has encouraged students from one particular group to use the iPad to set up a Twitter account and a blog (see links below) via apps that give easy access. Students tell us that they feel 'valued' and that they can't believe how much they are learning. Communication is certainly thriving and understanding of the digital age is increasing!


For any queries on our progress, email us on gabes.info@gretb.ie.


We are also using the iPad to source reading material on the Internet, such as newspapers online, wikipedia entries, recipes, news and much more. Scrabble and Hangman are very popular for spelling.


Click here for a link to a newly published book from niace entitled Using e-books and e-readers for Adult Learning by Sandie Gay and Tina Richardson. Our iPad project is documented in Chapter 4!

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